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This damn business with the film and the Night Travellers has Jack more than a little twitchy. It's another piece of his past resurfacing, as so many of them have been doing recently. First John showed up, then there was that strange two days they lost, after which long-suppressed memories of his childhood had suddenly appeared. And then the Night Travellers came to the 21st century. And Jack and Ianto were only able to save one of their victims.

He's been back to the Electro, just looking around. Not looking for anything in particular. Hoping, perhaps, that he could isolate something unique about the setup they have there that meant the Night Travellers could come through. But there was nothing there. It's just an old cinema. There's no special circumstances. Which he supposes means that the same could happen again if another film of the old travelling shows is played.

It's not a reassuring thought.

Jack strides through the corridor that leads into the Hub from the tourist office. He flips open the cover on his wrist strap and punches the button to open the door. It slides aside with its familiar groan of metal under strain. He sticks his hands in his pockets and trots down the steps into the Hub.

"Hey, Ianto! If there's coffee ready for your captain, I will be in your debt!" With Ianto, that could be a dangerous promise to make, but Jack's pretty sure he can cope with whatever favour Ianto decides to extract from him. It could even be fun.

He steps forward, foot raised to ascend to Tosh's workstation, but his foot passes right through where the step should be. A chill runs through his body as he realises: this isn't the Hub.
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