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For her own sanity and the curiousity of other players, [personal profile] ashavah has prepared the following timeline for Jack Harkness, starting with his childhood in the 51st century. The timeline contains Jack's approximate age (the only linear way to keep track of his timeline), the date, the place, the events, and the canon source information is taken from.

Spoilers through Torchwood: Miracle Day, though mentions of actual events of Torchwood are limited to major plot points or completion of earlier plot arcs.

Trigger warning: mentions of torture






16 mid-to-late 51st century Boeshane Peninsula

Father, Franklin, killed and brother, Gray, taken by hideous creatures.


Torchwood 2.05, Adam; 2.13, Exit Wounds
late teens mid-to-late 51st century  

Joins the army.


Torchwood 1.12, Captain Jack Harkness
late teens late 51st century  

Captured behind enemy lines with his best friend, who is tortured and killed.


Torchwood 1.12, Captain Jack Harkness
twenties late 51st century   Joins Time Agency. Partnered with John Hart.

Doctor Who 1.09, The Empty Child; 1.10, The Doctor Dances; Torchwood 2.01, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang


  late 51st century  

Spends two weeks stuck in a time loop with John. Time within the loop feels like two years. If they weren't already, they become lovers.


Torchwood 2.01, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

thirties late 51st century  

Represses memories of the day of the attack when he was young.


Torchwood 2.05, Adam
thirties late 51st century  

Leaves the Time Agency after discovering they have taken two years of his memories. Takes to running cons aimed at the Time Agency to try to get them back.


Doctor Who 1.10, The Doctor Dances
35 August, 79 Pompeii

Runs self-cleaning cons.


Doctor Who 1.10, The Doctor Dances
35 December, 1940 London

Crash lands a Chula ambulance as part of a self-cleaning con.


Doctor Who 1.09, The Empty Child;1.10, The Doctor Dances
35 January 4, 1941 Ogmore, Wales

Acting Group Captain Jack Harkness of 133 Squadron is shot down by a Bf 109. His Spitfire catches fire and crashes into the Bristol Channel. Our Jack assumes Group Captain Harkness's identity.


Torchwood 1.12, Captain Jack Harkness; The Torchwood Archives
35 January 20, 1941 London

Meets Rose Tyler and the Doctor. Starts travelling with them after his ship is blown up by a German bomb.


Doctor Who 1.09, The Empty Child;1.10, The Doctor Dances
35 January 21, 1941 London

Reported AWOL after failing to report for duty. This is the last official record of his existence.


Torchwood 1.01, Everything Changes; The Torchwood Archives
35 2006 Cardiff

The TARDIS stops to refuel using the Rift. The Doctor uncovers a plot by Margaret Blaine, really an alien in disguise, to melt down a nuclear power station on the Rift.


Doctor Who 1.11, Boom Town; The Torchwood Archives
35   Raxacoricofallapatorius

Brief visit to a hatchery.


Doctor Who 1.11, Boom Town; 1.12, Bad Wolf
35 1336 Kyoto

An exciting visit.


Doctor Who 1.12, Bad Wolf
35 200100 The Game Station, a satellite orbiting Earth

Taken from the TARDIS with Rose and the Doctor to combat the Daleks. Killed by Daleks and resurrected by Rose. Abandoned by the Doctor, who realises Rose has permanently resurrected him.


Doctor Who 1.12, Bad Wolf; 1.13, The Parting of the Ways; 3.11, Utopia
35 1869 Earth

Travels to Earth - aiming for the 21st century - to find the Doctor. His vortex manipulator malfunctions and burns out, stranding him in the 19th century.


Doctor Who 3.11, Utopia
60 1892 Ellis Island

Dies for the second time, shot through the heart. Is startled to wake up.


Doctor Who 3.11, Utopia
  Sometime around the 1880s-1910s France

Dates Marcel Proust


Torchwood 2.08, A Day in the Death
60-65 1890s Cardiff

Makes his way to Cardiff, reasoning that the Doctor will visit the Rift to refuel.


Doctor Who 3.11, Utopia; Torchwood 2.12, Fragments
65 1899 Cardiff

Dies in a bar fight. Captured by Torchwood. Offered the choice of contract work for them or remaining in their custody. Chooses the former. Is told by a fortune teller that he will not meet the Doctor again until the 21st century.


Torchwood 2.12, Fragments
65-75 1900s Probably Cardiff

Gets married.


Torchwood 2.09, Something Borrowed; The Torchwood Archives
75 1909 Lahore

As Captain in the British Army, sees 15 men under his command aspyhxiated by "fairies".


Torchwood 1.05, Small Worlds.
80 1914-1916 Britain

Rejoins the British Army as a Captain.


Torchwood 2.03, To The Last Man; 2.12, Fragments; The Torchwood Archives.


82 July-November 1916 France

Takes part in the Battle of the Somme.


Torchwood 2.03, To The Last Man
83 October 1917 Belgium

Takes part in the Battle of Passchendaele.


Torchwood 2.03, To The Last Man
83-84 1917-1918 Western Front

Only survivor of a mustard gas attack.


The Torchwood Archives
91-101 Late 1920s or early 1930s Berlin

Cruises the Kurfurstendamm with Christopher Isherwood.


Torchwood 2.06, Reset
93 1927 New York

On a mission from Torchwood, arrives at Ellis Island. Meets and starts an affair with Angelo Colasanto, whom he considers taking along as a sort of companion. During the mission, Jack is killed and Angelo arrested.


Torchwood 4.07, Immortal Sins
94 1928 New York

Jack returns to New York for Angelo, but Angelo is terrified by his immortality and betrays him to be killed and tortured. Jack abandons him.


Torchwood 4.07, Immortal Sins
97ish Early 1930s Various places in Britain

Joins a travelling show as "The Man Who Can't Die", investigating the Night Travellers.


Torchwood 2.10, From Out of the Rain; The Torchwood Archives
c.100 1930s Astoria Ballroom, London

Meets and falls head-over-heels in love with 17-year-old Estelle Cole.


Torchwood 2.05, Small Worlds
105-111 1939-1945  

Joins the RAF and is posted overseas. Estelle goes to work on the land.


Torchwood 2.05, Small Worlds
111 1945 Cardiff

Returns to Cardiff. Does not reunite with Estelle.


Torchwood 2.05, Small Worlds
131 1965 Scotland

Is assigned to the mission of handing over 12 orphans to the 456 in exchange for a flu vaccine to save 25 million people.


Torchwood 3.04, Children of Earth, Day Four
141-143 1975-1977 Cardiff

Has an affair with Torchwood agent Lucia Moretti, with whom he has a daughter, Melissa, born 5 August 1975.


Torchwood 3.03, Children of Earth: Day Three
143 1977  

Lucia puts Melissa into hiding. Melissa takes the name Alice Sangster.


Torchwood 3.03, Children of Earth: Day Three
  "Towards the end of the century" Cardiff

After many years of on-and-off contract work, finally joins Torchwood as a full-time agent.


The Torchwood Archives
c.150 1980s-1990s Cardiff

Lover and fellow Torchwood team member Melody White killed while on a mission with Jack.


Torchwood 2.12, Fragments; The Torchwood Archives
156-166 1990s Powell Estate, London

Goes to the Powell Estate a couple of times to watch Rose grow up


Doctor Who 3.11, Utopia.
165 1999 Cardiff

Instrumental in the invention of compound B57, aka retcon, the main ingredient of the amnesia pill used by Torchwood.


The Torchwood Archives
165 4 October, 1999  

Jack's grandson, Steven Carter, born.


Torchwood 3.03, Children of Earth: Day Three
165 December 31, 1999 Cardiff

In a fit of madness brought on by an alien artifact, Torchwood Three leader Alex Hopkins kills his team and then himself, bequeathing Torchwood Three to Jack as "a reward for a century of service".


Torchwood 2.12, Fragments
c.165 Early 2000s Cardiff

Makes contact again with Estelle Cole, pretending to be the son of the Jack Harkness she loved.


Torchwood 1.05, Small Worlds

Recruits Suzie Costello


169 2005  

Recruits Toshiko Sato after she is arrested by UNIT for stealing official secrets.


Torchwood 2.12, Fragments
170 2006  

Recruits Owen Harper after a mopup operation on the death of Owen's fiancée.


Torchwood 2.12, Fragments
170 2006 Cardiff

Much to Owen and Suzie's annoyance, keeps the team locked safely in their base while the mess with Margaret Blaine takes place. Because crossing your own personal timeline is always a bad idea.


The Torchwood Archives
170 2006 London

Battle of Canary Wharf destroys the Torchwood Institute in London, with which Jack had previously severed ties. Two Torchwood Three members salvage the ruins. At the time, Jack thinks Rose was killed in the battle.


Doctor Who 2.12, Army of Ghosts; 2.13, Doomsday; 3.11, Utopia; Torchwood 2.12, Fragments
171 2007 Cardiff

Meets Ianto Jones, former Torchwood London staff member. Fiercely resists hiring him until they catch a pterodactyl together.


Torchwood 2.12, Fragments
171 2007 Cardiff

Meets (and retcons) PC Gwen Cooper. Recruits her to replace Suzie Costello.


Torchwood 1.01, Everything Changes
171 2007 Cardiff

Torchwood Season 1


Arrival at Ten Forward
171 2007 Cardiff

Death of Estelle Cole


Torchwood 1.05, Small Worlds
171 2007 Cardiff

Starts a relationship with Ianto.


Torchwood 1.07, Greeks Bearing Gifts
171 1941 Cardiff

Falls through a time shift with Tosh and spends an evening in 1941 getting to know Captain Harkness of 133 Squadron.


Torchwood 1.12, Captain Jack Harkness
171 2007 Cardiff

Finds the Doctor and leaves to travel time and space with him.


Doctor Who 3.11, Utopia; Torchwood 1.13, End of Days
171 100 trillion Malcassario

Meets Martha Jones. Finally has his long-awaited conversation with the Doctor, but doesn't get many answers. Meets the Master.


Doctor Who 3.11, Utopia
171 2007 London

Arrives in London with the Doctor and Martha to find the Master - Harold Saxon - Prime Minister of Great Britain.


Doctor Who 3.12, The Sound of Drums
171 2007 Tibet

Torchwood team sent to the Himalayas by Harold Saxon.


Doctor Who 3.12, The Sound of Drums

(The Year that Never Was)

UNIT Carrier Valiant

Captured by the Master, who engineers an invasion of Earth by the "toclafane". Held prisoner for a year before the Doctor can defeat the Master. Jack destroys the paradox machine, causing time to reverse to before the invasion.


Doctor Who 3.12, The Sound of Drums; 3.13, The Last of the Time Lords
172 2007 Cardiff

Gives up the chance to travel with the Doctor and returns to Cardiff.


Doctor Who 3.13, The Last of the Time Lords
173 2008 Cardiff

Torchwood Season 2


173 2008 Cardiff

John Hart shows up and tries to kill to Torchwood team. Ianto saves the day. John tells Jack he has found Gray.


Torchwood 2.01, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
173 2008 Cardiff

Meets an alien which survives by manipulating memories. It revives the memory of the day Gray was taken. The team take retcon to destroy the alien, but that memory remains.


Torchwood 2.05, Adam
173 2008 Cardiff

The Night Travellers show up in Cardiff, released from an old film. Jack and Ianto are only able to save one of their victims.


Torchwood 2.09, From Out of the Rain
Arrival at Outpost 12


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