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Jack is fit and healthy, his body appearing as one of a man in his late 30s to early 40s who's in good physical condition. He spends a lot of time running and is very strong.

He's suffered countless injuries over his life, but the only scars he bears are those from things that happened before he become immortal; there is no canonical detail of any such injuries, but there would be at least some scars from blaster-type weapons.

Jack's physiology differs from a 21st century human in a few ways:

  • DNA that's a mixture of human and alien due to the interbreeding of species that has occurred by the 51st century in his timeline

  • His pheromones are more highly developed and therefore stronger than those of 21st century humans

  • Because he's been a companion of the Doctor and travelled time and space quite extensively, his lymphocytes are mutated by radiation found in the Time Vortex

  • This makes his immune system highly effective.

Although Jack is immortal, having accidentally been turned into a paradoxical fixed point in time and space, he can still become ill and can still be injured.

He heals from dying in anything from a few minutes to a few days. In some circumstances, he will not die rather than dying and reviving (e.g. poison gas or radiation exposure).

More minor injuries take longer to heal, but still heal faster than an ordinary human.
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Telepaths & Empaths
Canonically, it's impossible to read Jack's mind. His mind is described as being blank, empty, as though he were dead. This is probably because technically, he should be.
Here's Jack's POV on the discussion where this comes up in canon.

It's not explained how this might impact on empaths, but I'm assuming that it's going to be pretty much the same. Let me know if you think your character would be able to feel his thoughts and we can work something out.

He does, however, have the ability to project his thoughts into the minds of a telepath if he wants to communicate with them. If you want to do something with this ability, let's!

If your character is sensitive to disruptions in time, like a Time Lord or a sun avatar from Andromeda, they are likely to find Jack upsetting or disconcerting to be around. The Doctor describes him as a fixed point in time and space. He's "a Fact", a thing that should never happen, which makes the Doctor canonically uncomfortable with him.

If this is something your character would notice, please fee free to. Here is an example of how it's been handled in-game.

If there is a need to kill Jack and the mods are okay with it, so am I. Jack is immortal, so when he's killed, he stays dead for anything from a few minutes to a few days, depending on the type and nature of the trauma, and then returns to life.

I'm also fine with him being injured, particularly since he tends to heal rather quickly from fairly serious injuries.

If you want to hash anything out, contact me. I'm pretty easygoing.

Comment or contact me if you need anything explained or have any questions. Comments are on and screened
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Your name or online alias: JK Ashavah
Your email: ashavah dot jk at gmail dot com
Another preferred means of contact: ashavah ashavah
Character's Full Name: Captain Jack Harkness
Character's Canon: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Character's Journal Name: [personal profile] captgreatcoat
What would you like your character's tag to be?: jack harkness

In 300-500 words total, tell us your...
Character's background (their past and present):Jack was born in the 51st century on an Earth colony. As a child, he lived on the Boeshane Peninsula until he joined the army and then the Time Agency. He took to the heady life of travelling time and space, but the Agency betrayed him and took some of his memories. He started working as a con-man, travelling time and space running self-cleaning cons.

He was running a con when he encountered Rose Tyler and the Doctor in London in 1941, having assumed the identity of an American RAF volunteer, Jack Harkness. The Doctor took him along as a companion. During one of their adventures, Jack was killed, and was reanimated by a temporarily superpowered Rose. She accidentally fixed him in time and the Doctor, repulsed by him, abandoned him in the year 200,100.

Devastated, Jack tried to travel to 21st century Earth in the hope of finding the Doctor. He landed in 1869, but his time travelling device burned out, leaving him stranded. He eventually discovered he was immortal; so did the Torchwood Institute, which forced him to work for them. He worked freelance for Torchwood for many years, eventually becoming the leader of the institute's Cardiff branch after the rest of the team were killed.

There's a detailed timeline here.

Character's personality: Jack is charming and charismatic, which often sets people on edge. He's flirtatious and often suggestive. His 51st century sexual mores mean he doesn't feel bound by any category. He jokes and laughs easily, and appears flippant and shallow, but is very intelligent and capable.

He often keeps himself aloof from people, but he has a hard time keeping himself becoming attached. He's fiercely loyal and protective of his friends and has a sentimental streak he likes to hide. Though he can be compassionate and sympathetic, Jack can be cold and ruthless when necessary. He's a workaholic who spends very little time on things outside of work, and is sometimes accused of having forgotten what being human is like.

Character's skills/abilities/powers: Jack is immortal. In general, he dies, but revives shortly after his death. The time this takes differs from death to death. He also seems to have the power to revive people near death.

He's intuitively good with technology and experienced with a wide variety of alien and futuristic technologies.

Jack's a very good shot.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.: He'll have his Second World War Webley & Scott service revolver with him, as well as his Torchwood communication earpiece and his Time Agent's wrist strap. It contains a broken vortex manipulator (a time-travelling teleporting device), but can be used as a transmitter, receiver, remote control, scanner, and communications device.

Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?: Nope!
Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them? I love Jack. I miss playing him! I love the conflict in his character and I love how much fun he is to throw into unexpected situations with unexpected people. I'm also excited by the small Doctor Who contingent in Ten Forward. I have no particular plans for him yet, but I am sure he will be very interesting to explore in this environment.

Writing Sample #1: Test threads.
Writing Sample #2 (optional): Sample post.


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