Feb. 19th, 2009

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Jack doesn't like sleeping alone. He never has, not even when he was mortal. Back then, he lived hard. A lot of time agents did. The Time Agency attracted a certain personality type with its glamour and danger and excitement. They were the sort to live fast and die young. And when they weren't on missions, they didn't want to lose the high that came from the thrill of time travel, danger and adrenaline. So they prolonged the buzz with sex and drugs and drink.

Jack was no exception. He'd always been a hedonist. A sensual, physical creature. And losing himself in pleasure made it easier to keep the demons at bay. He's older now, wiser. He gave up the drugs long ago and the drink more recently. But he hasn't got any less demons than he did back then.

He knew when he did it that spending so long with Gren would make it that much harder to go back to his room alone. He's not used to it. He's a hard man to resist and a master seducer; when he decides he doesn't want to go home alone, he very rarely does. But he's changed from the man he once was. He has responsibilities now. He's spent more and more nights alone since he became the leader of Torchwood Three. He could hardly take a stranger he met in a bar home to the Hub. Besides, there's too much at stake now, and he has to be ready for action at a moment's notice.

But things have been different recently. Since Ianto. Since Jack came back from that terrible year that no-one but him, the Doctor, and the Joneses remember. Since he gave up the chance to travel time and space with the Doctor. Since he dared to admit to himself how he feels. Since he made Ianto his confidant as well as his lover. He's got something wonderful now, something he needs

Jack's a light sleeper, and he doesn't sleep much on his best nights. But he doesn't need to sleep to have nightmares. That night, in room 657, the demons come out. In this strange place, this different time, so far from home, he's haunted by the last time he left his team without notice. By the year that never was.

In the dark, he sees it again. His team, murdered in front of him, just so the Master could see what it took to break him. Even though destroying the paradox machine undid everything the Master did, even though it's as though it never happened, he sees their lifeless bodies as clear as that day. The day they died because of him. Gwen and Tosh and Owen.

And then Ianto.


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