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Jack's in the shower when the phone rings. At first, he's not sure that's what he's hearing. But then he shuts off the water and wraps a towel around his waist and dashes to the phone. There's only a couple of people he can think of who'd be calling him, and he'd be eager to speak to either of them.

The phone stops ringing just before he reaches it, and when he snatches up the receiver, there's just a dialtone. He glares at it for a moment, then heads back into the bathroom to dry himself off properly. Hair wet and tousled, and wearing trousers and undershirt, he steps out of the bathroom a couple of minutes later.

There's a light flashing on the phone.

He picks up the receiver and presses the buttons to retrieve the message.

As he listens, his eyes widen.


It's from someone he doesn't know, called Faye, but the news she gives stops any questions about who she is and why she's calling him. Something's going down with the Dragons, and she's mustering people she and Spike think might be useful.

Sounds like Michael wasn't so wrong when she said the Dragons wouldn't keep them waiting too long.

He grabs his shirt, belt, and coat, and juggles shirt and telephone receiver for a moment before he manages to get the shirt on, and buttons it up with the phone gripped between ear and shoulder.

The first call is to room 1541. The message he leaves is brief.

"Ianto. Something's going down with the Dragons. I don't have many details, but folks are meeting in the parking garage. I'm going down there. Keep yourself safe."

The second call, made while he buckles up his belt, is to room 445.

"Martha. Trouble's afoot with the local thugs in the city. I don't know how far it's going to spread, but I'd recommend staying somewhere safe, like your room. Hopefully they won't get into the hotel. I don't know if you have any medical supplies with you, but maybe see if you can scrounge any up. I have a feeling people are going to get hurt."

It's only a couple more minutes - maybe five, maybe ten minutes from when the phone rang - before he's out the door, gun at his side, and pockets loaded with ammunition.

This is probably going to get nasty.
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